Grandmaster Yang Mei June on 正 (Uprightness), 准 (Accuracy), 实 (Honesty),

Rare video of Grand Master Yang Mei June - 27th Generation Inheritor of the Kunlun School of Wild Goose (Da Yan) Qigong. The original footage has been translated and transcribed for you here.

Grandmaster Yang Mei June (1895 - 2002)
27th Generation Inheritor of the Kunlun Dayan Qigong System

Hello Master Yang,

You've been invited here by the Guangdong Qigong Association and the Qigong & Martial Arts Association of Southern Medical University. You travelled here from Wuhan to teach students for our workshop. Can you tell us something about Dayan Qigong? How did it come about?

Dayan Qigong dates back to the Jin Dynasty [266-420 CE]. It originates from the Daoist Kunlun School [Kunlun Mountains]. According to its teaching, Dayan Qigong can only pass down to one person each generation. Now, it has evolved over dozens of generations [28]

When did you start to learn Qigong?
I was 13 when I started to learn Qigong. I was the only child in my family. The skill is only passed down to one person a generation, therefore, it was me. I was told to help the people and serve mankind. Back then, people were too poor to be treated by a doctor. So, by practicing Qigong, they could not only cure disease but also prevent illness by strengthening their body and mind.

Why is Dayan Qigong curative?

In Western medicine, blood vessels and nerves spread throughout the body. [In TCM theory], there are also 12 channels as well as five major 'organs' [zàng 脏]: Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen, Stomach and Kidney. They are all connected and unobstructed. If healthy Qi is infused in the body, pathogenic Qi is eliminated from soles of the feet [and proper balance/function is restored].

Therefore, the advantage of Dayan Qigong is that the practioner can begin any time and receive the health benefits. I have told them [students]:

‘As long as you practise well, earnestly and be persistent - no disease will afflict you’.

Master Yang, I heard that besides teaching students, you also treat patients with Qigong, is that true?

In Beijing, I live in a place called Dajiaoting. The police inspector of the local police station, Mr. Zongjiang Zhu, had a motorcycle accident. He hit a tree and blacked out. The patient was sent to Xuanwu Hospital and was treated for a week. Unfortunately, he never came round…

The family members were told by the hospital to prepare for his funeral.
Someone I know asked if I could help the pateient. I asked, ‘what’s the problem?’ "He’s in a critical stage, can you go and see?" So, I went to the hospital. When I arrived, he was being moved to the morgue…

I told them to wait and I performed Fa Gong [Qi emission] on him.
In less than 15 minutes the patient came back to consciousness
with a deep slow "Ahhhhhhhh..." sound.

Seeing him revived, I urged the nurse to prepare for the patient’s urination and phlegm spitting. I left the hospital in less than an hour. The patient was saved and he is back at work now.

Some people follow Qigong practices incorrectly and their problems worsen. Can you tell us why that is?

When practising, remember three characters [principles]:

正 Zheng (Uprightness), 准 Zhun (Accuracy), 实 Shi (Honesty),

Do you understand? [In other words] have to be principled, precise and persistent in your practice. Don’t be half-hearted or chasing after the latest thing, trying this and that all the time. Otherwise, your efforts are wasted…

I promise - not only to you and the audience but to all the people of the country - that there are no adverse effects [qi deviations] when practicing Dayan Qigong.

Translation of original video by Patricia Wei
Text and video editting by Gregg Wagstaff, 2017.

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