Wild Goose Qigong 2019 - Year of the Pig


Happy New Year!

We’re now 7 days into 2019. Actually, I’m more of a Chinese New Year kind person [February 5th - Year of the Pig]. Somehow it just feels more auspicious. I especially adore the Lantern Festival. Between now and then is that short window of time when we seek self-renewal and reset our inner compass - better health, relationships, productivity etc. All ‘resolutions’ and goals come down to a simple yet complex truth: stop doing what you know is bad for you and do more of what’s good. Change comes from within and requires us to take new action. Otherwise, we keep doing what we've been doing, with the same results. Simple is rarely easy, however. We, humans, are complex beings. Common sense is not always common practice. But what if there was just ONE thing, one new habit, that if followed, could make manifold changes? 

Here’s what I’ve noticed over my 19 years of Wild Goose Qigong practice - especially these last 2 years whilst emigrating -: whenever I feel like I’m coming ‘off the rails’; when I’m energetically low, spiritually stuck or emotionally scattered; whenever I've become that grumpy dad or impatient partner - it’s invariably because my Qigong practice has declined or faltered for whatever reason (there are many). Does any of that resonate with you? There are mornings when you won’t feel like ‘spreading your wings’, times when the ‘nest' needs rebuilding when you feel like you’re flying into a headwind. Well, don’t worry. That’s normal. It’s all part of the journey. 

Here’s what I want you to take with you into your 2019 practice: Mastery is messy. 

Moreover, let us embrace and honour the mess. 

So, I invite you this new year to make Qigong your #1 thing. Let us commit (or re-commit) to that. I want you to make Qigong your ‘keystone’ habit. What do I mean by that? Well, I believe that Wild Goose Qigong - with its blend of movement (Dong Gong) and mindfulness/meditation (Jing Gong) - can be the one core habit that underpins and opens the doors to others. It is the one thing that, when done well and done daily, can change and benefit everything; more energy, more focus, better sleep, reduced cravings, fewer mood swings, lower blood pressure, etc...


Here’s my prescription to make 2019 your best (Qigong) year yet.


Step #1. Every morning before breakfast (preferably around sunrise) practice at least 10-minutes of Wild Goose Qigong. Either 1st 64, or the shorter Patting Gong or Kidney Gong.  Followed by at least 3-minutes of Jing Gong Meditation (standing or seated). Are you doing that? Great!…

Step #2. Establish a pre-sleep Jing Gong Meditation (seated or cross-legged) for at least 3-mins and increase up to 45-mins. Aim to start no later than 23:00 hrs.  Are you doing that? Even better!…

Step #3. During the long summer / late-summer days, introduce a 2nd Dong Gong practice period (preferably around sunset).


If you’re starting out, try not to take on all 3 steps at once. Ensure you’ve done each step is ingrained before moving on. If the above seems too much. Just try 3-minutes of Jing Gong Meditation, every day after rising. 

As I’ve said before, there is no secret or shortcut to your success / gong / cultivation. It’s the small daily practices compound over the weeks and months. 

And remember, all Mastery is messy.


On a personal note: 2018 was the year when Sarah, Xiao and I secured our NZ Residency. It’s been a time of huge upheaval on every level. Missing family and friends, especially at this time of year have been the hardest. I’ve just survived my second NZ Xmas at 30 degrees (I’m not sure I’ll ever acclimatise to Christmas Kiwi style, seriously). That said, we are grateful that we’ve managed to achieve such an undertaking, for the awesome nature that is around us and the new friends that have made our relocation possible. Yes, it’s been a MESSY year (or two)! And my Qigong practice managed to survive the journey :-) 

In 2018, saw me start live Wild Goose Qigong classes and workshops here in NZ. Also, the release within the Da Yan Academy of the Kidney Nourishing Gong and the Jing Gong courses. I’m also really pleased with the feedback on the online 1-to-1 coaching sessions which I opened last year. There’s much I have planned for 2019. Right now I am editing the 2nd 64 online course. I’ll be releasing those videos in parts as each sequence/posture is edited. I’m also going to start a live online group coaching session. I’m mindful I've got some catching up to do completing the Points & Practice course and Wild Goose 101.  

So, I’m grateful to you for your support and it's my mission is to serve you further in 2019. Let’s get messy in the year of the Pig!

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