If that sounds like you, then choose either 3,6 or 12 sessions below. Your 50% discount will be automatically applied.


Wild Goose Qigong 1-to-1 Coaching & Training


I'm looking to work 1-to-1 with a small beta group of passionate students who want to fast-track their Wild Goose Qigong practice. As this is a beta group, I won't be asking you to pay the regular 1-to-1 for our training together. In fact, you'll get a 50% discount. The only requirement is that you are passionate about Qigong and that you commit to the live 1-to-1 sessions. You must invest in at least 3 x 1hr sessions and stick to the practice schedule I set you. I would also like to be able to use you as a case study and share your results publicly. * If that sounds like you, then choose either 3,6 or 12 sessions below. Your 50% discount will be automatically applied. 

Accelerate you Wild Goose training with personal 1-to-1 Coaching and Training, via live Webcast (or in person). These are 60-minute sessions, where we address your exact needs, fine tune and tailor your practice. A private 1-to-1 Coaching folder will be set up in your Da Yan Academy courses area, into which all session recordings and any support materials will be made available. 


3 x 60-min. 1-to-1 Sessions @ $150 USD
6 x 60-min. 1-to-1 Sessions @ $300 USD
12 x 60-min. 1-to-1 Sessions @ $600 USD

What Others Are Saying...

"All my life I have studied Martial Arts, Yoga and other eastern practices. For the last couple of years, I was looking into different schools of Yoga and Qigong because I wanted to find a system which is complete and which is easy to explore from my western point of view and lifestyle. My search brought me to Wild Goose Qigong, the Da Yan Academy - and there I met Gregg.

In the Da Yan Academy the core materials are online video trainings. The videos are very thorough and easy to follow. I was happy when I received the invitation of online 1-to-1 coaching from Gregg because I believe that one should receive some tailor made tuition. I was really surprised from the results after my first session. Gregg was very thorough and gave very precise explanation. We worked through my 1st-64 and other practices. 1-to-1 sessions are really for anyone striving for excellence in Da Yan Qigong. They helped me save lot of time and I felt feel that I was on the right track with my training. I also felt supported in my journey for better health and personal improvement - which is very motivating!

When I started, many positive and interesting experiences came to me. There was a time in the beginning when I perspired a lot, then it passed. Now I feel more relaxed and my body feels more loose. I can touch the floor with my palms without any preliminary exercise. After my training sessions I feel the energy in my body and if I stay quiet, for example during Jing Gong meditation, I can feel the qi circulating. My palms feel like two heaters. "

Philip Stoyanov
University Lecturer. Sofia, Bulgaria.

"at 71 years of age, I might well be Gregg’s oldest student. Actually, my interest in Wild Goose Qigong began quite some time ago when I bought a DVD of the First 64 and loved the graceful moves of the demonstration.  I wanted very much to learn the form, but I could not learn at that time from only the DVD, and there was scant material available. Recently more DVDs and books have been published, and I was able to learn something from them.  But I was always searching for better sources, and I feel really lucky to have found the Da Yan Academy and Gregg on YouTube. I felt right away that he was the teacher I had been looking for.

The training videos are clear and thorough, beautifully demonstrated and explained in a way that is easy to understand and follow.  I was convinced before I began the 1-to-1 coaching sessions online that there could be very little that was not covered in the videos, but after a few sessions with Gregg, I have found that small corrections can make a huge difference in my performance and understanding.  Gregg has studied with excellent teachers. He explains each movement in clear and simple terms that a beginner can follow. This ease and simplicity can come only from a deep understanding of the material.

Over the years, I have learned other Qigong forms and some Taiji.  I received benefits from all of these but, in my opinion, Wild Goose Qigong stands in a category alone.  It is by far the best Qigong I have found, and also the most enjoyable. My body feels light and my movements are effortless.  There is a sense of balance and harmony throughout my body, and a calmness of mind and spirit.  I do not have “off” days when I feel sluggish and heavy.  I wake up with a spring and sleep well.  My mind has clarity and focus.  I feel a lot of this is due to WGQG. I plan to continue my sessions for a long time. "

Janice Fields
Texas, USA.

"I am a health care practitioner and have always had an interest in Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong. Having two children now, I really appreciate the time I have with them and want to be agile and able to continue to be an active part of their lives for years to come. This pushed me towards Wild Goose Qigong. Practicing Wild Goose Qigong has much improved my stamina, confidence and overall well-being. I enjoy training and feel invigorated even after a short practice.

1-to-1 Online Coaching Sessions with Gregg have been great as they really pointed out where I had made errors, improved my skill and provided great motivation to take it on to the next level. I highly recommend Gregg and his online Da Yan Academy - the videos are great and the explanations of the moves really easy to follow. "

Health Practitioner & Dad, Dubai

"I'd recommend Gregg to anyone interested in learning authentic Wild Goose (Dayan) Qigong. He is a good instructor. He has good knowledge of Dayan Qigong and TCM and is both calm and patient when he teaches. After spending a couple of years learning with Gregg, he helped me to go to China to learn from his teachers. It was something I'd always dreamed of! Dayan Qigong is one of the few qigong systems that still carries a lot of depth! It never seizes to amaze me as I continue to explore its movements and teachings! "

Adam Gibson
Qigong Instructor @ Lotus Dao, Lithuania

Meet Your Instructor & Lineage


Gregg Wagstaff is Founder of the Da Yan Academy and Instructor for the Da Yan / Wild Goose Qigong Association (UK) since 2002. He trained in UK and China under Master Chan Kim Fung (Hong Kong) and Master Wang Tai Li (Beijing). From 2004 - 2017 he ran GreggsClinic.com - using Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Tui Na Medical Massage and Qigong to treat pain and dysfunction, and achieve optimal health and wellness for his clients.

Today, Gregg combines all of this experience to offer health coaching, 1-to-1 training, classes, workshops and retreats. Wild Goose Qigong remains at the core of his personal and professional practice. He created the Da Yan Academy as a dedicated platform to collate, research and teach authentic Wild Goose Qigong, world-wide.



In 1994, Chan Kim Fung 陳劍峰 was accepted as an “in door” student of the 27th Generation Grandmaster, Yang Mei June. She called him 二陳 (Chen the Second). In 2000, she appointed him as ‘Overseas General Manager’ of the Da Yan Qigong Headquarters (established in 1979) in Beijing.

In his recent book, Master Chan writes, 'In 1999, Yang Mei June told me, Wang Tai Li has good gōngfu / 功夫 / skill. You must help him to come out of the mountains." [chūshān / 出山]

Master Chan took early retirement to honour Yang Mei June's request, enable his study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and further promote Wild Goose Qigong. He is also Chairman of the Da Yan Qigong Association in Hong Kong and UK. 




Wang Tail Li 王泰力 was accepted as a “in door” student of Yang Mei June in the early 1990’s. This was the beginning of a close 10-year student-master relationship that lasted right up until her passing in June 2002 at the age of 106. During this time the Grandmaster Yang passed her knowledge to her disciple Wang and, in he also became her carer. In 2000, she bequeathed him the Da Yan Qigong Headquarters.

In 2017, Master Wang and Master Chan co-authored a book on the Wild Goose Qigong’s 1st 64, including case studies and therapeutic applications. Master Wang is now based in Shenzhen, running clinics and training cetnre in Hong Kong & Beijing. Here here integrates his high level Da Yan Qigong skills of Qi diagnosis (vision) and therapy (Qi emission).


Frequently Asked Questions:


+ Can Wild Goose Qigong help me?

Absolutely. Personally speaking, Wild Goose Qigong helped me get my life back after 5 years of debilitating panic attacks. I’ve also witnessed many other transformations with my students and heard many more accounts. Wild Goose Qigong is a comprehensive and deep system. Maybe you’re a novice or expert, maybe you’re looking to optimize your wellness, maybe you’re a martial artist, or therapist – there is a wealth of knowledge here to help you reach your next level. If you make a commitment and invest your time into regular practice, you will see the rewards.
I’ve over 15 years experience as a certified Wild Goose Qigong Instructor, teaching hundreds of students, in classes, workshop and retreats. I have trained with 28th generation Masters in China. Like them, I’m all in with Wild Goose Qigong – it’s all we train and teach. We’re here to further disseminate the skill in an authentic, effective way, to help as many people as possible. You could say the Da Yan Academy has been over 15 years in the making for me. It brings together my skills, passion and mission in to one project. The bottom line is: I want you see the benefits like I (and thousands of other practitioners) have. I believe in the efficacy of Wild Goose Qigong. I believe in my ability as your teacher and guide. And, more importantly, I believe in you. Please check out the 'About' and 'Testimonials' section above.
There is no substitute for a personal, experienced Qigong Master or Sifu (teacher), especially if they are committed to you, able to teach and communicate well. However, not everyone needs or can commit to the traditional Master / Student relationship. The reality is, it is difficult to find a good local Qigong instructor (especially Wild Goose). Even then, you may not like or benefit from a live weekly class; you forget what you were shown, forget to practice, miss a class or two, fall behind, and lack any decent training materials, etc…I’ve been there. You might prefer to learn in your own time, at your own pace, in your own space. I found that books can SHOW you the theory and DVDs or YouTube can DEMONSTRATE the form. But I created the Dan Yan Academy to TEACH you Wild Goose Qigong. It is a hybridised learning model - providing hours of structured, detailed, streaming video content - all within a dedicated teaching platform. With access to live trainings and 1-to-1 coaching, it’s the next best thing to having your own on-demand Qigong Instructor! So, I believe that you will not only learn it, you will achieve good results with regular practice and the support of the Da Yan Academy.
Under each piece of training content, you’ll be able to ask any questions, which I will endeavour to reply to within 24-hrs. Likewise, all students can always reach out to me personally via email. The Facebook Group is a place where students can support and interact with each other and be part of the growing Wild Goose Qigong family. Furthermore, Group Coaching* and 1-to-1 Coaching* are available to give personalised support, correct your form and address your specific needs *(not included in this package but can be purchased as an upgrade or separately). There is a optional free certification process which includes a 1-to-1 consultation and coaching session.
Wild Goose Qigong can be safely practised by all ages and abilites. It’s movements are not strenuous and, if performed sensibly and as instructed, should cause no strain or pain. Some postures can be revised if you have restriction of movement or disability and you should contact us at [email protected] if you have any concerns. Wild goose Qigong has proven itself as one of the safest styles of qigong with regard to so called ‘Qi deviations’ and students should not experience and adverse effects.
If you enrol and then feel it’s not right for you, then drop us an email within 30-days of purchase and I’ll refund your investment. I’ll also try and help you in the right direction as best I can.

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